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Le Privatier is both a fiduciary and an independent portfolio manager. It is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). In 2003 Le Privatier established an office in Zurich, Switzerland. The investment strategy of Le Privatier is based upon numerous discussions with private and institutional investors, entrepreneurs, auditors and legal advisors in several European countries to determine their requirements or those of their clients. Many of the latter continue to seek investment advice and guidance of neutral and transparent nature - without any conflict of interest - but with goals of safeguarding the portfolio and maintain its consistent growth under their management. From such criteria, Le Privatier has developed a very straightforward, yet effective investment model.

Our services can be broadly summarized into three different categories:
• Investment Planning and Analysis
• Asset Management
• Investment Supervision

We also provide discretionary investment management, currency management and advice to private clients and companies or trusts controlled by our clients.
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