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Le Privatier began to design its management system in 2001 - conducting its own research and market analysis in a number of European countries. This system is based upon the ‘New Portfolio Management Theory’ and a series of specific modifications. We do not invest in financial peripherals and similar products - such as mutual funds, hedge funds, funds of funds, etc. - unless they provide a specific function that is indispensable to a client. We believe that currently, Le Privatier is the only independent asset management firm in Switzerland that offers what we call ‘semi-discretionary mandates’.

A ‘semi-discretionary mandate’ enables the client to maintain control of his or her investment risk - by personally determining the balance between equities and fixed income assets in his or her own portfolio. The advantage of this mandate is that it provides the client with a modicum of control, while permitting the manager to retain essential flexibility to make rapid decisions and to respond immediately to opportunities and risks of the market at any given time.

The client determines the maximum percentage
of risk in his or her portfolio by selecting the
proportion of equities (shares)
to fixed-income issues.

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