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Our investment objective is to generate capital growth by investing primarily in equities of European companies in the mid and large cap market segments and to use derivatives on a long -and short-term basis. We aim to achieve absolute returns and to outperform the indices in strong markets and to preserve capital in weak ones. In the practice of our profession we have learned that investment success is best attained by following a rigid sequence in the investment process. One of our most important rules is to invest in fewer issues, but showing a higher quality. While adherence to this rule requires more discipline, analysis and monitoring, it also provides more sizeable yields. Consequently, our objectives are:

• Constant capital growth
• Reduction of market volatility in your investments
• Constant risk control
• Absolute investment transparency
• Constant monitoring of the markets and your portfolio
• Immediate reaction to risks and opportunities
• Punctual use of financial instruments - whenever opportune
• Design and continuous optimization of the best possible investments for you

In order to offer such a high level of personal attention, we have chosen to work with only a limited number of clients. This is essential if we are to implement our strategy in each one of their investments and monitor their development on a daily basis. As we will be responsible for investment strategy, we apply it - utilizing all of the research information collected and technical analysis completed - while addressing and preserving the individual restrictions required by each of our clients.
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