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Le Privatier’s investment philosophy is based on two key points: the first is to maintain a balance between an optimized diversification and a permanent target yield. The second is to design and build an investment portfolio in the most straightforward and transparent way in order to achieve consistent medium-term growth.

Unless you have alternative requirements, Le Privatier will manage your portfolio using first-class equities in markets with high liquidity and the best balance of investment grade. When covering special markets or sectors, recognized fund managers can be used. With our assistance you will determine your own investment objectives, tolerance of risk and investment horizon whilst taking into consideration your individual tax situation. Once your objectives have been determined, Le Privatier will then design an individual investment portfolio, selecting an optimized proportion of equities, bonds, fiduciary deposits, liquidity, currencies, geographical and sectoral markets, etc.

Following this Le Privatier will meet regularly with you to review your current investment strategy and consider any changes. Should market conditions or your investment requirements change, Le Privatier can immediately respond by modifying the initial investment strategy and procedures.

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