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Most financial institutions affirm that the successful management of assets depends on a number of key factors; such as the personal requirements of the investor, the degree of professionalism and experience of the asset managers as well as the independence and quality of the information provided by the analysts. However, the most important factor in ensuring the continuous growth of the client’s investments is the total dedication of the asset manager to his client. In other firms such total dedication no longer has the importance that it once had. Herein, we have presented the main reasons why we believe that we can provide you with more comprehensive and sophisticated services that correspond to your personal requirements.

First, adhered to the Code of Professional Conduct, all members of Le Privatier are obliged to maintain absolute secrecy concerning all information relating to the identity and the patrimony of its clients, account holders, beneficiaries and signatories. Secondly, Le Privatier is completely independent, which means that we are free to design and to optimize the most profitable investment portfolio for you. Finally, Le Privatier’s management philosophy is to provide absolute and total transparency for its clients so that they can follow, monitor and examine our investment strategies and daily operations whenever they wish.


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