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Le Privatier operates in accordance with mandates which allow its clients to maintain maximum control of the amount of investment risk - without reducing the manager’s essential authority and flexibility in reacting to ever-changing market conditions.
Le Privatier has chosen to call this a
What are the reasons why banking institutions do not offer a similar type of management?
One of the main reasons is the increased level of responsibility that has to be assumed in accepting such a mandate.
Furthermore, this semi-discretionary mandate prevents the client’s capital from being invested in an endless range of financial products, which cannot contribute significantly to consistent profitability.
Another reason is that it is far more rewarding and profitable for the client to produce a quality analysis of twenty individual issues before selecting what is to be purchased than to ‘place’ in their portfolios five to seven funds managed by the same bank or by third parties.
One more issue is that most financial institutions try to persuade their clients to invest in their own funds and/or third party funds - often with 30 to 50 referenced entities. With holdings of this type, clients will find it most difficult to disinvest from such when they are faced with a sudden plunge in market value.

Even though this particular management style requires more effort and dedication by
Le Privatier’s staff, each client’s portfolio will be enhanced and a more straightforward decision-taking process will be used.


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